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Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Done with 'Hamilton,' Now There's Some New Guy

The 'Hamilton' creator and star slipped out his buckle shoes and chopped off his locks after his final performance Saturday night.

by VICE Staff
Jul 11 2016, 1:00pm

Lin-Manuel Miranda performing as Alexander Hamilton in 'Hamilton.'

Lin-Manuel Miranda—star and creator of that hip-hop musical people spent in-state college tuition prices to see—took his final bow as the titular Founding Father last Saturday, the New York Times reports.

Miranda has been planning his exit for a while now so that he can focus on other creative projects, like Disney's Moana and that Mary Poppins sequel with Emily Blunt. Miranda's leaving his role in the able—and apparently sexy—hands of Javier Muñoz. Muñoz was Miranda's understudy for his musical In the Heights, and has apparently been bringing a new swagger to the role of Alexander Hamilton during the show's Sunday performances.

Miranda wasted no time at all cutting ties with his award-winning portrayal of Hamilton, posting a photo of his chopped locks to Twitter shortly after his final performance. He didn't even get to revel in the down time, either, hitting the Today Show early Monday morning to perform a new song with Jennifer Lopez as part of the duo's tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub.

If you're not the president or owner of a small fortune and didn't get a chance to see the hugely popular musical before Miranda left, don't worry. The guy swears that it's been taped with the original cast and will be released on film at some point in your lifetime.

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Photo via Flickr user Steve Jurvetso