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Britney Spears Announces a New Album and Declares the “Beginning of a New Era”

‘Glory’ is out August 26 but you can pre-order it from midnight tonight if you’d like.

by Noisey Staff
Aug 3 2016, 5:20pm

Britney Spears, the happiest person on Instagram, is back. More back than ever. She took to Twitter this morning to announce that her new album, Glory, will be out August 26.

She’s billing it as a “new beginning” which, after a couple of shaky years musically, might be welcome. She released a genuinely flatulent track with Iggy Azalea last year though she's eased back in with the passable G-Eazy-featuring “Make Me” last month, the tracks haven't really been flowing of late. When she’s got good pop songwriters around her—and, though her career, she’s had some of the best—this can work. When she’s within fifty feet of Iggy Azalea, not so much.

Britney also tweeted this as soon as she announced the new record:

We’re all just going to assume that she’s talking about a song here. But, even discarding the notion that she seems quite likely to turn up and run through a medley at short notice, she did release a fragrance last month called Private Show.

While waiting for Glory to drop, cast your minds back to Britney’s medley at the 2003 VMAs with us. That’s better.

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