Dutch Girl Band Dakota Do Cali Dream Pop So Well with "Icon"

Time to get over that shitty, cheating ex.

Dec 2 2016, 5:03pm

The video for Dakota's new single "Icon" is a trippy tribute to girl gang ethos sure to find favor with fans of Beach House and Warpaint alike. The Amsterdam-based band's psychedelic indie pop sounds like it's straight out of California. With their new EP Leda on the way, they are excited to make their North American debut. According to the band "'Icon' is about trying to be all that your cheating spouse wants you to be, but finding out that there's just no way. The only thing you can be and would ever want to be is yourself, the music video reflects this idea." 

Hmmm, we're not entirely sure about the video actually reflecting this, but headbanging with your friends is surely one way to get over your shitty ex. Watch the minimalist video below, and let Dakota's vibrant dream pop transport you to a colorful, hazy headspace.