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Listen to Shigeto's Remix of Charles Trees's "What's Left"

Psychedelic, jazzy grooves from this Midwestern tag team.

by Max Pearl
Mar 21 2014, 7:22pm

Are you sitting down? OK. So there's a dude from Ann Arbor named Charles Trees (I think I knew a Midwestern crustpunk named Trees once) and he's gearing up to drop one of the most interesting records of 2014. Drawing on acidic jazz rhythms and afrobeat, Trees's Rootwork EP is serving all the rough edges you need in a world dominated by shiny tech-house and EDM. The EP is a collage of high fidelity sampledelia that floats over phat, funky grooves, like if The Books did disco. And it's great. So you're lucky enough to get the early bird listen on the Shigeto remix that appears on the EP—don't forget to thank Uncle THUMP, OK?

Charles Trees's Rootwork EP is out March 31 via Lovemonk. Pre-order here.