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Surprise! Novelist Dropped an EP Full of Beautiful, Freaky Instrumentals

'Be Blessed' marks another new chapter for the Lewisham producer/MC

by Noisey Staff
Apr 28 2017, 2:49pm

Ever since Novelist broke out at the age most of us were still drinking WKD and kicking stones in the park (16), he's become, to many, one of the freshest, independent thinkers in grime. And I say "grime" loosely, because he rarely ever sticks to one thing for long enough to be boxed within it. Whether it's spitting bars with The Square, bopping alongside Kanye at the BRITs, staging clashes at McDonalds, dropping double A-sides with XL Recordings or launching his own record label and inventing a new genre, the Lewisham artist likes to rip it all up and start again on the regular.

All of which is to say: he's gone and done it again. Last night, he tweeted that he wanted his newest project to go viral. Today, he dropped that project. It's called Be Blessed and it's a five-track EP of instrumentals, each of them with a religious name. The EP is a departure from the punchy, spitfire instrumentals of the past, moving into more abstract, electronic territory while still retaining that icy grime sound.

In a video posted to Twitter earlier today, Novelist left us with this: "Yo, the amount I've been having to grind is why I'm going to be the greatest. Seriously fam. You see me? I'm not trying to finesse my way up the ladder, I'm trying to walk up it properly and build my own lane. Straight up, everything DIY, and just work hard fam."

The right-hand side of the Be Blessed artwork reads "Bangers to be played on Saturday every week", which could be him telling us to buss this out our speakers at the weekend or it could be a clue that something else is on its way. In the meantime, listen to the EP below:

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