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Get Ready for the Club with DMV Rapper Rico Nasty's "Glo Bottles"

The Lil Yachty collaborator is set to release her mixtape, 'Tales of Taco Bella' on May 19.

by Lawrence Burney
Apr 24 2017, 5:00pm

DMV rapper Rico Nasty is quietly closing in on the best year of her young career. Her music, which she calls sugar trap, is joyful, silly, and hard-hitting. In her videos, she tends to stick to the colorful and bright feel of her music, with vibrant props and hair barrettes galore. Less than a year ago, Rico dropped her single "iCarly" which has amassed over a million Youtube views. Her follow up "Hey Arnold" gained the fandom of Yachty and moved him to hop on its remix. She also worked with Yachty on his "Mamacita" track, from The Fate of The Furious' soundtrack. 

One of the true rewards of an artist like Lil Yachty's meteoric rise is the visibility that his success has provided for more young, playful artists operating within trap music's confines. Rico Nasty and her sugar trap genre are of that ilk. Yachty calls his jolly take on the sub-genre bubblegum trap. "I always thought it was if you sat down and you watch Powerpuff Girls or something like that, and you try to throw that on trap drums, so it could be bubblegum trap, I guess you could say that," Yachty producer TheGoodPerry explained of the way he approaches the sound.

Today, we're premiering Rico's newest track, "Glo Bottles," an ode to sparkling bottles of liquor brought up at night clubs. It's the first single off of her upcoming tape Tales of Taco Bella which is due on May 19. "I recorded this song for my fans—they inspired it," Rico said over email. "I wanted them to have a track that they can have fun with in the club." She says it's the perfect launching pad for her tape, with which she plans to break barriers for women in trap. "This project will show that I'm not just about catchy hooks. I'm actually a true lyricist. I plan to break the barriers that people try to trap female rappers in. This isn't about 'Oh she sounds good for a female rapper,' it's about 'Yo, she sounds really good on this and can really rap!'" Listen to "Glo Bottles" below. 

Photo: Courtesy of Rico Nasty

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