Lakers Fans Can Thank the Knicks for New President of Basketball Ops Magic Johnson

When Magic Johnson heard that Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson were splitting, he called the Lakers owner. He was hired almost a month later.

by Sean Newell
Feb 21 2017, 9:43pm

Photo by Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers are the latest example of the Butterfly Effect, although think of it less as the scientific theory and more like the Ashton Kutcher vehicle of the same name (read: it's a mess). According to Jeanie Buss herself, Magic Johnson's emergence as president of basketball operations with the Lakers is thanks to her breakup with New York Knicks president of basketball operations Phil Jackson.

You might recall that Jackson announced he and Buss were parting ways amicably, due to the stress of living on opposite coasts and steering once-proud organizations further along in their respective journeys of being described as once-proud. When Magic heard the news, apparently, he reached out to Buss. Basically, he slid into her DMs.

Jackson tweeted the news of the split two days after Christmas. Just over a month later, on February 2, Magic was hired as a special advisor. Today he is a president in search of a general manager, two days before the trade deadline. How's that going, anyway?

Outside the box, but also very firmly inside the box. Sounds good.

And any deals?

Already acting presidential.