Brazilian Phenom and Man City Signing Tackled from Behind by Pitch Invader During Charity Game

He received treatment on the pitch, but luckily sustained no serious injury.

by Mike Vorkunov
Dec 15 2016, 5:14pm

Most of the time it seems that when random fans run onto the field they're just drunk or stupid and there's no cause for concern. The only person's safety we would worry about is theirs because we all know how this ends—the fan being leveled by security.

But then there are outliers, actual worrisome moments; like this one in Brazil, that left an up-and-coming soccer star on the ground.

Gabriel Jesus, a 19-year-old Brazilian forward, was playing in a charity game between Amigos do Jackson and Amigos do Valdiva in his homeland when some clown ran onto the pitch, caught up to Gabriel as he was dribbling towards goal and gave him a hard, violent two-footed tackle from behind. That would definitely be a red card in a real game and would lead to an arrest on assault charges in real life.

The video cuts out before we see what happens to the fan but it looks like one of Gabriel's teammates is about to offer some kind of vigilante justice.

Luckily, according to a report, Gabriel was not injured. But it must have been a scary moment for Gabriel and a harrowing one for Manchester City as they watched their $35 million signing go down.

Gabriel had signed with the EPL club in the summer but stayed in Brazil to try to lead Palmeiras to a title. He helped lead Brazil to a gold medal in the Olympics in August.

And let that be a lesson to fans. Don't run onto the field. But if you feel compelled to, just be the idiot who runs around aimlessly before getting smashed and don't try to hurt anybody.