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Conforce's Daniel Avery Remix Will Lull You into Techno-Hypnosis

Techno + hypnosis = technosis.

by David Garber
Feb 5 2015, 12:39am

With the March release of New Energy [Collected Remixes] fast approaching, the much lauded beauty of Daniel Avery's debut album Drone Logic continues to linger overhead like a techno-infused hummingbird, further serenading us with every flap of its wings. While many of the forthcoming remix album's entries, like Roman Flügel's masterful remix of "All I Need," have already been heard by the world—the LP will birth a number of fresh gems, like the track we're streaming above, Conforce's remix of "Simulrec."

For Conforce's remix, the Rotterdam-based producer chose to insert a healthy dose of hypnotic, twangy synths and effects to the more downtempo-leaning original. It's surely a satisfying rework, and one that further adds to the engrossing nature of not just "Simulrec," but Avery's acclaimed album overall. 

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