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"Greasy Darkhall-Tech Your Mom Would Dance to:" Listen to a Mix By Mexican Techno Beast Mijo

The young producer says he finds inspiration in the "ever-flowing sewers of Mexican curiosities."
February 4, 2015, 4:00am

Mijo (known to his mother as Alec Sander) wants you to know that his heart bleeds for Mexico. When asked what his favorite part of being a Mexico-based producer is, he answered with the preface, "It's going to sound like I'm a patriotic douche" before launching into an envy-inducing list: "eating tacos out of the subway station, speaking some nonsense with people I have never met before (that's how some of my ideas for tracks appear), attending a top-notch mariachi convention in some skyscraper. Just to name some of the random things that you can encounter if you dive into the ever-flowing sewers of Mexican curiosities."

With recent releases on Sanfuentes Records and Correspondent, Mijo is bubbling up as one of Mexico's hottest exports. His latest EP, Economic, began as a joke with Vicente Sanfuentes, who he calls his "modern music sensei," about "how fun it would be to make a blend of really economic techno, with folders that weighed no more than two or three MB." That joke quickly became a reality when Mijo emerged with tracks full of low-fi sounds, crappy bass samples, super basic processing and exactly zero chords. "It ended up working as a totally new way of approaching big room techno, at least for me," he says.

That same kind of hard-hitting yet stripped-down techno is all over Mijo's "Economic" mix for THUMP, which includes all the tracks he's digging hard at the moment. Many of them were given to him by the British producer David Shaw and Correspondant's Jennifer Cardini. "I just grabbed my latest DJ set folder and selected the best stuff from there," he admits. The result? "Greasy darkhall-tech your mom would love to dance to."

Mijo's Economic _EP is out now on Sanfuentes Records. Grab it here. _