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John Dahlbäck Leads the 'Miami 2015' Compilation with "Laguna"

The time is now for the breakout British label Zerothree Records.

by Zack Rota
Feb 25 2015, 8:59pm

John Dahlbäck has been around the block and then some. He has long been a relevant name in the industry, having produced some true classics in his day. Despite the rise and fall of certain artists and genres, he's has stayed true to his form and experienced success because of it.

To help build anticipation for his forthcoming Miami dates at WMC, Dahlbäck has chosen to release his brand new track "Laguna" exclusively with Zerothree Records. The Miami 2015 compilation is chalk full of powerful tracks, from originals to well-known anthems to get you in the mood.

"Laguna" speaks more to his dance floor hat than his big-room material. By pairing a simple yet effective synth loop with female vocal sampling on the vox, the track makes for a great driver for a mid-set amplification.

The team over at Zerothree Records have been patiently waiting their turn to shine, and undeniably that time is now. Zerothree Records recently put out the heavyweight Rattata/Pandora EP from Fehrplay,and just locked in Digitalism for a new release. Seemingly, there's only one direction this label headed-up.

The 'Miami 2015' compilation comes out via Zerothree Records on March 2.

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