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City's New Halcyon Veil Mix Is a Defamiliarizing Blend of Organic and Synthetic Sounds

For the label's fifth mix, the artist has delivered 20 original tracks.

by Alexander Iadarola
Apr 4 2016, 6:00pm

Mix artwork courtesy of the label

Vancouver producer, City, made their debut on Houston composer and Tri Angle affiliate Rabit's label Halcyon Veil today, delivering a machinic and textural 20-minute mix called "Arcadia." It finds the artist showcasing a mostly beatless instrumental approach, striking an uneasy counterbalance between organic-sounding or acoustic motifs and synthetic sound design. "Arcadia" follows their "Simulation" mix released last August on Druid Cloak's Apothecary Compositions label.

Although there isn't a whole lot known about them, listeners might be familiar with the artist from their affiliation with the London label Beatgatherers, which does a monthly show on that city's Radar radio station. City had a track on Beatgatherer's recent compilation for the Classical Trax label, which was a collaboration with anonymous producer bru called "I want you to hurt me."

The artwork for the mix comes courtesy of acclaimed Finnish artist Jaakko Pallasvuo.

New Orleans artist Mistress' recent mix for Halcyon Veil explored an array of menacingly oneiric melodies and tense, steamy atmospheres, while Copenhagen artist Why Be's promises to keep you "well fed in a world of trash."

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