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Spinnin' Records Gives Martin Garrix Rude Adulthood Awakening With Legal Action Notice

"No hard feelings, but we do want to be compensated – nothing more, nothing less," says the label

by Michael Scott Barron
Jan 2 2016, 3:19pm

Precocious young DJ Martin Garrix has been riding the teenage dream of being a superstar EDM producer, and is showing no signs of slowing down before he turns 20 in May. But adulthood isn't all sold-out stadium shows and collabs with pop stars. As Martin found out a couple of days ago, he's being hit with legal action by his former label Spinnin' Records.

As reports, Garrix used Facebook to publicly break with Spinnin' and his management, MusicAllStars, over ownership rights, declaring that he would be starting his own label and releasing music on in it for free. In their dispute and defense, Spinnin' pointed out that "even though we were not obligated to do so, we negotiated and came close to new contracts with Martijn Garritsen, but we could not meet each other on new terms in the end- which can happen between two professional parties. We do not blame Martijn Garritsen, but this does not mean that he could unilaterally end or nullify all existing contracts, as he did with his post on Facebook. Contracts are contracts and need to be respected."

"No hard feelings," it continues, "but we do want to be compensated – nothing more, nothing less."

Martin Garrix