High Tech Art Toys and Experiences Emerge at NEW INC

Visit a showcase of immersive new gadgets from New Museum's art-tech incubator.

Jul 10 2015, 4:30pm

Edge of the Universe. All images courtesy of Drew Gurian/Red Bull Content Pool

One year ago, the New Museum launched NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator for art, tech, and design. Last night at Red Bull Studios in Chelsea, the inaugural class of creative collaborators and practitioners presented six tech influenced art and design projects. “There were so many interesting collaborative projects being hatched at NEW INC and these projects happened because we have designers, artists, and game developers all in one space,” NEW INC founding director Julia Kaganskiy tells The Creators Project.

“From the outset I intended NEW INC to be a collaborative lab-like environment,” says Kaganskiy, who also was the founding Editor-in-Chief of The Creators Project. “Through the collision of all these different disciplines and skillsets, new ideas have been tested and developed.” The showcase at Red Bull Studios is only one part of the unveiling of NEW INC’s projects, she adds, “We are having a demo day where people apart of NEW INC will be giving five minute presentations of their projects they have been working on—so many have progressed immeasurably. It’s been incredible to see.”

Here are a few of our favorite projects from last night:


Snowblind, by architecture design studio The Principals and GIF machine maker Studio Studio, is an ephemeral installation that seeks to recreate the feeling of temporary blindness caused by snow reflecting UV light. The installation of large, low-lying cloud formations raises questions about about imagination, instincts, and the limitations of the built environment.

Cotton Candy Theremin 2

Cotton Candy Theremin 2, designed by Philip Sierzega and Emilie Baltz, is an interactive machine that remixes the interface of a cotton candy maker. By spinning a paper cone over candy floss, participants trigger sounds and visuals that create an immersive environment, turning the candy-making process into a multi-sensory digital experience. 

New Hive

New Hive is a drawing collaboration between Sougwen Chung and the NewHive platform, focusing on the theme of artist vs. machine. Using her drawing robot, D.O.U.G_1, Chung explores loop drawings based on Sol Lewitt’s instructions. Chung will sell limited editon 3D printed silver plated jewelry in the showcase gift shop.

The NEW INC showcase runs at Red Bull Studios through July 30. Click here for more informaiton.


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