Aerial Landscapes or Deep Space Images? Bogi Fabian's Paintings Are Both

By day, it's the Amazon River, but by night a newly formed galaxy in the glow-in-the-dark works of Bogi Fabian.

by Beckett Mufson
Apr 23 2015, 3:00pm

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Bogi Fabian's stunning paintings are more than meets the eye. By day they look like continents or forests from alien planets, and by night they emit a phosphorescent glow, earning them the title Cosmic Landscapes. Fabian lets layer upon layer of differenly colored paints float across her canvases, forming patterns that adhere to the natural rules of fluid dynamics. As in the glow art of Shayla Maddox and Studio Roosegaarde's luminescent bike path, the mixture of solid pigment and glow paint makes for a multilayered vision bursting with otherworldly beauty that's only visible in the dark or under a blacklight.

"I have always been inspired by cosmic phenomena, and by the beauty of landscapes on our planet seen from above," Fabian says on her blog. "I made it my goal to bring these different patterns together visually in order to point out their actual connectedness and closeness." She also paints glowing murals, ceramics, and body art, all of which looks like they belong in another galaxy, but her latest project envisions these galaxies themselves.

Check out Cosmic Landscapes below:

Check out the full set on Bogi Fabian's website.

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