Sydney's a City of Rainbows in This 4K Projection Mapping Timelapse

Film editor Matthew Vandeputte captures the multi-night spectaculars of one of the world's biggest light festivals.

by Sami Emory
Jun 30 2015, 4:55pm

Screencaps and GIFs by the author, via

Vivid Sydney is the "biggest and best light festival in the world," claims film editor Matthew Adept, and after watching his 4K timelapse complication of this year's event, it's difficult to disagree. As the Australian summer nights speed unnaturally forward, downtown Sydney bursts into washes of purple, pink, and blue light and landmarks alight with projection-mapping spectaculars.

Vandeputte's film also gives new perspective to Universal Everything's Lighting of the Sails show, which we previewed, covered, and featured in our first Eye Candy episode. Shot at a distance, from a vantage across Watson's Bay, the 35 animations from Universal Everything's collaborative reel reflect in the obsidian waters and send multicolored spotlights into the night sky. 

Watch Universal Everything's animated splendor in [Eye Candy] Projection Mapping the Sydney Opera House:

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