Watch Japandroids' "North East South West" Video

The dudes love to tour.

Sep 13 2017, 3:12pm

Vodka-drinking, explosion-imitating, chant-along Canadian punk duo Japandroids really love touring. Where many bands find sitting in a van with the same, sweaty people every day to be a drag, Brian King and David Prowse seem to do the whole thing wide-eyed, sipping from large bottles of whatever they find at the liquor store while setting off fireworks out the window. "North East South West," the second track on their latest LP, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, captures that—it's a shameless love letter to North America and life on tour. This morning, the band released a new video for the song—only their second music video ever—and it's follows the song's vibe. Shot in black and white, there's lots of drinking, partying, air-drumming, stoked fans, and fucking around. It's all very good fun and you can watch it at the top of the page.

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