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Happy 'Thug Motivation 101' Day Here's Lil Wayne Rapping on "Soul Survivor"

On the album's 12th anniversary, a quick reminder of Wayne and Jeezy's creative relationship over the years.

by Kyle Kramer
Jul 26 2017, 9:26pm

Day 308: "Soul Survivor" feat. Mack Maine – The Suffix, 2005

Today is the 12th anniversary of Young Jeezy's Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101, an album that it is no exaggeration to say changed music forever. Jeezy may not have invented trap music, strictly speaking, but his early output is without a doubt the blueprint for the genre that today has captivated everyone from the hustlers of Atlanta to the moms of middle America. Everyone loves Migos! And you have Young Jeezy to thank.

As with most trends in southern rap, Wayne recognized the shift before people at large did. He's collaborated with Jeezy several times (most recently on the new song "Fireworks") and rapped over Jeezy's beats many times as well. According to Cam'ron, Wayne first met Jeezy on the "Soul Survivor" video shoot, a fact that we can commemorate today, which once again is the anniversary of the album that song appeared on, by listening to Lil Wayne's "Soul Survivor" freestyle, which touches on the tropes of trap while also pointing to the direction everything was headed: "This time I'm going for the big climb / and the boy about to incline, Jigga man I'm nearby," Wayne raps, setting forth his intentions even as he quips, "take a nigga ho and show her how to break a kilo." I'd say he did Jeezy's legacy proud, and, 12 years on, the two's record of collaborations speaks for itself.

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