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Here's Some Very Cozy Christmas Music from DRAM (and His Mom)

With his '#1HappyHoliday' release, DRAM has captured the warmth of the Christmas season.

by Noisey UK Staff
Nov 24 2017, 3:15pm

Photo via DRAM on Instagram

Earlier we posted a small debate about whether or not Major Lazer had released the best or worst Christmas song all the year. And, well, fuck all of that. We were wrong. Their song exists on a completely different plane to this holiday-themed surprise release from Big Baby DRAM. All Diplo did is got someone to sprinkle a snow-covered soundboard over an old track. DRAM has come through with all of the good-good that makes Christmas the festive, cosy-as-hell season it is.

Think fires, think Santa loading up his sleigh, think taking your drunk ass to bed having sipped too much whisky. That's the kinda thing we're talking about when we're talking about DRAM's #1HappyHoliday release. It's as though DRAM has soaked in the bathwater of Christmas spirit and emerged with a collection of tunes that wouldn't be out of place in Home Alone 2. Oh – and his mom features on the record, which shouldn't need to be stated but will be done so as the ultimate stunt. Who else has got their mother singing on their album? JAY-Z got the talk, sure, but come through DRAM.

Listen below:

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