Pisces, November 2017

Welcome to Scorpio season, Pisces!

by Annabel Gat; illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
Nov 1 2017, 2:00pm

The Sun is in Scorpio, a sign that's just as psychic, magical, and mysterious as you are, and it's supporting you as you move toward your goals, little fish, even though the start of the month will feel quite intense. This is thanks to a very busy full moon in Taurus on November 3 (or 4th if you're on the East Coast), which will reveal some perspective-altering information. The details around something you've been trying to wrap your mind around are coming in.

Venus makes a supportive connection to Saturn on November 3, which will help stabilize things around your career or public image, and the Sun's connection with Neptune on November 3 will help you stay open-minded and in touch with your inner voice. Just watch out for Venus's opposition to Uranus on November 3 (or 4th if you're on the East Coast), which could bring some unexpected costs— financial or energetically— your way. During this time, no one will want to be tied down; however, everyone will be craving stability, so you'll need to find a balance between freedom and reliability.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 5, so expect to do plenty of networking professionally over the next few weeks, as well as paperwork (Mercury always manages to bring us a form to fill out). You'll also be talking about your career goals and your life in public.

Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker, and you, Pisces, are most inspired by careers that find you exploring and making discoveries. Are you happy about the path you are on? As Sagittarius season approaches, you'll find yourself thinking about this more and more.

Venus enters fellow Water sign Scorpio on November 7, bringing you love notes from faraway places. Don't be surprised if a long distance crush develops— just be wary of miscommunications, especially on November 13, when Venus meets Jupiter and Mercury clashes with Neptune.

Are you happy about the path you are on? As Sagittarius season approaches, you'll find yourself thinking about this more and more.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, so when it meets Venus, we can bet lots of love will be in the air; however, the energy could be over-the-top, and people may exaggerate, indulge, or over dramatize (Scorpio, after all, is a very emotionally intense sign). We particularly need to watch for the tension between communication planet Mercury and dreamy, hazy Neptune, which can lead to confusion— it's incredibly important to be clear about boundaries today.

Saturn connects with Uranus on November 11, which is one of the best days to take a calculated risk this month, especially concerning your career or your financial situation. Uranus is the planet of chaos, but when it's working well with Saturn, the planet of structure and commitment, electric Uranus expresses its genius, innovative side.

Venus makes a harmonious connection with Neptune on November 16, which is sure to be one of the most romantic times of the month for you, Pisces. A fairy-tale love story is likely to develop, so reach out to a crush or plan a date with one of your partners— and, if you're not in the mood for love, this will surely manifest as a major boost in creative inspiration. You'll be brimming with creativity!

The new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 18, encouraging you to explore and expand beyond your usual haunts and habits. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth— it's time for you to let go of the past and learn about new places, people, and ideas. This new moon is encouraging you to travel, and it will also inspire you to recommit to your studies if you're in school.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your career and your reputation. This is a brilliant time to put yourself out there, professionally. The Sun in lucky Fire sign Sagittarius is sure to bring plenty of opportunities your way. Don't be surprised if you receive some reward or recognition for work well done at this time.

Neptune, your modern day planetary ruler, turns direct on November 22, in your sign. This is a particularly sensitive time for you, and your already strong psychic abilities are sure to be amped up.

Neptune is the planet of fantasy and of escape— do you have healthy ways to dip out of the real world? Do you soothe yourself through meditation or artistic pursuits, or through self-destructive addictions? Make time to reflect on this. Pisces people are highly emotional and sensitive to the energies of those around them, so having healthy, supportive ways to escape is crucial to your well being.