Miguel’s New Album, 'War & Leisure,' Is Coming December 1

He just confirmed the release date of his fourth album and shared the video for "Told You So."

by Noisey Staff
Nov 3 2017, 1:54pm

Miguel's 'War & Leisure' album artwork via PR

Let's be real, at this point Miguel could come out with a video that was just him in slow-motion washing the dishes or getting his cornrows done and people would lose their shit. Luckily for us, his visuals for new single "Told You So" deliver in all the most Miguel ways that Miguel uses to be his best Miguel: lots of wide shots of him dancing in the desert somewhere, an unbuttoned shirt flapping in the breeze and him climbing onto a car before landing a spin that most ice skaters probably wish they could smash in the rink.

But this being 2017, there's more to the video than Miguel being very excellent at dancing while looking emotional and intense. Once the bridge kicks in, things start to take a darker turn. Flickering snippets of archive footage are spliced between the main desert scenes, showing you everything from British anti-racism protesters marching through central London to Martin Luther King Jr. standing at a podium to Donald Trump, seen upside down at a podium of his own while wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap. It gets a bit apocalyptic. But the message seems to be: don't be a prick, be good to people, and definitely don't be a bigot and maybe then the whole world won't come crashing down on our heads. A slogan we can stand behind tbh.

Meanwhile, Miguel's also confirmed that his fourth album War & Leisure is due out on December 1 via Bystorm Entertainment/RCA. Watch the video at the top of the page, and please don't try all of Miguel's stunts at home.

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