Boba Fett Is Finally Getting His Own Movie

James Mangold will write and direct a standalone film about the Star Wars fan favorite.

by Harry Cheadle
May 24 2018, 11:04pm

A cosplayer at the Denver St. Patrick's Day parade in 2015. Photo by Craig F. Walker/the Denver Post

Solo: A Star Wars Movie hasn't even come out yet, but fans disappointed by news that the Lando Calrissian movie isn't officially a done deal have something else to salivate over: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Boba Fett is going to be the subject of a standalone Star Wars film.

This has been a rumor for some time, and it's an obvious pick for Disney. Boba Fett barely did anything in the original trilogy but stand around before dying hilariously when his glitchy jetpack threw him into a hole with teeth, but for some reason fans took to the bounty character and he became a kind of cult icon. In Attack of the Clones, George Lucas revealed that a dude named Jango Fett was the genetic model for the original Stormtrooper clone army; Boba was one of those clones and got adopted by Jango. Boba also shows up in the Clone Wars animated series and a shitload of Expanded Universe stuff.

Details about the movie's plot or cast weren't revealed, but the writer/director will be James Mangold, director of Logan and The Wolverine, movies about a similar antihero type of dude, and you can imagine this being gritty as heck.

With Solo, the announced Obi-Wan movie, and now Boba, it's clear that Disney execs are slowly working through all the characters featured in the original trilogy, which is good news for everyone who is hoping we finally get to see more of Uncle Owen's life as a Tatooine moisture farmer.

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