Banana Hammocks, Body Glitter, and All the Coolest Outfits We Saw at Coachella

None of these outfits really made sense, but they looked cool as hell, which is really all that matters.

Apr 16 2018, 5:31pm

Damn, Coachella. We can’t believe it’s already over. We can’t believe we saw Beyoncé end music, or Yodel Kid turn the Sahara Tent into a sentient meme. Whether you were living it up out on the polo field, or watching on the live stream at home, Weekend 1 was one for the books—a celebratory gathering that extended well beyond its 250,000 attendees. This year Coachella felt a little different, less about blackout escapism and social media capital than a celebration of the fact that we out here.

Yes, Beyoncé put on arguably the greatest show on earth, a game-changer designed to captivate whether you were up close against the rails, lost somewhere in the sea of people, or getting hi-def fierce in your living room with your crew. But there was a lot of other great live music and antics that made it memorable. Cardi B landed a victory lap of a set, swagging out to a massive main stage crowd during golden hour on Sunday. She brought out Chance, projected her old stripper photos, and casually got down while pregnant like no big deal. David Byrne high key blew our minds on Saturday with a set that felt like a psychedelic TED Talk through time and space. Mexican cumbia all-stars Los Angeles Azules kicked off the weekend with probably the biggest afternoon set we’ve ever seen, riling up a joyous, devoted crowd with banger after banger (even Bieber was stanning out). And Jamiroquai cast off any lingering shred of parody or nostalgia with an ecstatic disco dance party on Friday night.

If world feel pretty nuts right now, it was all a reminder of just how good it feels to be alive and out here in 2018. And dang, did all of you look good while doing it. Out photographer The1point8 was out there capturing all the magic and madness. Take a look back at the surreal glory that was Coachella Weekend 1 below.