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Here Are the Best #Covfefe Food Memes

Covfefe break, anyone?

by Alex Swerdloff
Jun 1 2017, 6:09pm

Photo via Twitter user @jemsmyth

As the world pauses for a brief media moment to consider what in the world a "covfefe" is, some of our favorite suggestions are—no surprise—firmly found in the realm of food.

One Jeremy Smith envisions covfefe as a splendid new name for Toffifay, the hazelnut-flavored treat—noting that they are "ideal for small hands." The word does seem to fit comfortably as the brand name for a candy your grandmother might proudly display in a glass bowl on her coffee table. Doily not included.

@CovfefeV styles the word as a vodka brand. Why does covfefe now seem so distinctly Russian? Strange, nyet?

Others prefer to retain the mystery of the covfefe. Edward Tostono tweeted "My Uncle Luigi had a secret recipe for our family specialy [sic] meat sauce, it contains no covfefe!" Well, that certainly clears things up.

Then there's the obvious, but still on point, iced covfefe. Sounds delicious, n'est-ce pas?

Or maybe you should just use the term to completely confound your local barista, as @Daikon suggests: "Coffee or tea?" "No thanks, I'll stick with Covfefe."

Additionally, a mysterious Twitter account purporting to be the official account for RC Cola was apparently suspended after posting a covfefe-related burn.

Last word, though, goes to @JakeAllard who tweeted, "If I hear another 'covfefe' joke I think my head is gonna explode."

Dude, we totally agree. Now, please pass the covfefe.

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