Cops Called on Kansas Fan Who Showed Up to Dorms With "Free-Throw Advice"

The man—reportedly not a student at KU—showed up several times throughout the day, offering an unnamed student some pointers.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Jan 25 2018, 7:33pm

Photo by Tim Heitman—USA TODAY Sports

College sports are weird, in that these are basically kids playing ball for hundreds of thousands of rabid fans (without pay) and somehow manage to be more mature than the adults they entertain. The other weird thing is that they are often times nationally famous, and yet easily accessible on campus.

Per Lawrence Journal-World, University of Kansas police were called to the men's basketball dorm to look into an incident where a man—reportedly not a KU student—wearing a blue and red windbreaker showed up several times throughout the day on Wednesday to offer "free-throw advice."

It's hard to tell exactly who he was there to see, but Jayhawks sophomore center Udoka Azubuike was the recipient of Oklahoma's hack-a-Shaq strategy toward the end of Tuesday night's game and went 1-8 on free throws for the game, including an 0-6 stretch in the final four minutes. The scoreline was ultimately an 85-80 loss for KU. So, yeah, free throws were a factor.

According to the Journal-World, police did not file a trespassing or other criminal report. KU head coach Bill Self seemed to think that the advice had decent intentions behind it:

Even better that it wasn't Freddy Krueger.