Paul McCartney is The Only Good Vlogger

Look out guys and gals, there's a new Zoella in town.
December 19, 2017, 2:45pm

I write words for a living so of course I think what has become known in media as 'pivoting to video' (i.e. getting rid of all written #content in favor of video #content) is very depressing. However, one man has proved that a pivot to video, in the right circumstances, can be a pure and wonderful thing. That man is Paul McCartney.

Paul recently touched down in New Zealand for a concert in Auckland and decided to give his arrival the video treatment:

With a vlog style that is sort of Grandad-on-Skype meets TV-presenter-doing-a-live-broadcast (that laugh at the end), he's plugging a real gap in the YouTuber market. And it appears he got the video bug, because he's since posted another, also from New Zealand. This one features him holding a kiwi which is visibly struggling under his hand, and handling it like a pro. There is also a man named Beau who looks deeply uncomfortable:

So natural, so at ease on camera. Hoping he starts his own channel: McCartney is the only vlogger now. Please Sir, can we have some more. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!

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