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This Lego/GTA Mashup Is The Ultra-Violent Adventure We Needed as Kids

Brick violence.

by Samantha Cole
Sep 5 2017, 3:30pm

Beeld: Nukazooka / YouTube

As kids, there were two kinds of Lego enthusiasts: Those who reveled in creating cities and scenes out of hundreds of bricks, and those who just wanted to see it all smashed.

For the latter camp, YouTuber Nukazooka made LEGO GTA, a world merging the simple, peaceful land of bricks and plastic people with the hyper-violent Grand Theft Auto video game series.

Many of his short films are slightly warped riffs on video games: imagining what would happen if we could "double jump" like Mario, or if Pokemon could kick our asses in real life.

Unlike these, however, LEGO GTA keeps it in the plastic world—but that doesn't mean it's any less twisted. Minifigure citizens get blasted apart, run over, hijacked, and otherwise brutalized by their fellow Lego man as casualties on his quest to... be a general menace to brick society.

It almost looks like extremely slick stop-motion work, but as Nukazooka notes in the comments, it's all 3D animation. The most unrealistic part of it all is the ending, where someone steps on a Lego minifigure and doesn't fall to the floor in pain.

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