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Just Enjoy These Three New Kaytranada Beats

The Montreal producer uploaded them last night. They're not linked to anything. They're just really nice beats.

by Alex Robert Ross
Sep 3 2017, 10:20am

Kaytranada on Instagram

Kaytranada released three new instrumental tracks on his Soundcloud page last night. The beats are called "2017 - 38," "2017 09 01 - SUS," and "2017 07 04." On Twitter, the producer wrote that there was "no project related" to them. You just get to enjoy these three new Kaytranada beats.

"2017 - 38" is a smooth, hazy disco loop that could have been lifted from his 2016 LP, 99.9%.

"2017 09 01 - SUS" is heavier and more ominous, built around a high-key piano loop and littered with blips and crescendos that overload the compression on the beat.

"2017 07 04" is the danciest of the three, with videogame synths over a 16-beat hi-hat groove and mellow, cramped organs.

It's Sunday. Tomorrow's a holiday. Just listen to these three Kaytranada beats. They're cool.

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