Have You Watched Our Profiles Series Yet?

In today's attention-deficit throw-away society, very seldom is there room for the little guy (or gal) to have a chance at saying their piece in the spotlight. <a href="http://www.vice.com/vice-profiles"><em>Profiles by VICE</em></a> aims to change...

In our attention-deficit throwaway society, very seldom is there room for the little guy (or gal) to say their piece in the spotlight. Our new series, Profiles by VICE, aims to change that. Profiles by VICE is a weekly distillation of our eccentric and idiosyncratic world. In each episode we take an intimate look at issues, people, and communities that burrow deep into the underbellies of society.

If this piques your interest—and it should, unless you're one of those humans who's not interested in other humans—watch the series trailer here, and check out this handy episode guide:

  • Slut-Shaming Preacher: We travel to Arizona to meet up with campus preacher Brother Dean Saxton, a student at the University of Arizona, whose "You Deserve Rape" sign has caused outrage among the student body.

  • An Inside Look at the Exotic Animal Trade: We travel to Ohio to rescue a cougar, then to Texas for an exotic livestock auction and undercover visit to a gaming ranch where the animals are sold and hunted for up to $15,000 a piece.

  • Reserection: The Penis Implant: We travel to Miami (obviously) to speak to one of the leading penis doctors in the country and find out what it costs to get your penis operated on.

  • My Homie Sells Homies: We travel to New York City's forgotten borough, Staten Island, to find out how a guy named Sugarman created a small vending-machine empire—and how he subsequently lost it, one quarter at a time.

  • Blind Gunslinger: We travel to North Dakota to meet Carey McWilliams, the first completely blind person in the US to acquire a concealed-carry permit.

  • Prison, Bling Ring, and Redemption: We travel to Los Angeles and talk to Alexis Neiers about her struggles with addiction, her criminal involvement in the real-life Bling Ring, and her new life as a sober mother.

  • Teenage Bullfighters: We travel to Merida, on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, to meet Michelito Lagravere, who at 14, became the youngest bullfighter ever.

Make sure to watch Profiles by VICE, which airs every Monday on VICE.com. At the very least, tune in on July 14th, for our profile of Matthew Lesko—otherwise known as that guy from the late night commercials who dresses like the Riddler.