Heimlich Maneuvers

Photos by Mike De Leon Styling by Ian Bradley

Photo Assistant: Adam Crew    Makeup: Gayle Carbajal
Hair: Mara Schiavetti    Models: Cyndle Sträwhecker, Adam Kautz, Joshua Rome

Disclaimer: The following instructions and photographs are “just for fun.” In other words, don’t look to fashion spreads for information on life-saving techniques, ya dummies.

Sophomore tank top
Sophomore tank top, Quail skirt If you suspect you are choking on a marshmallow or another object, ask yourself, “Am I choking?” If the answer is “Yes, I cannot breathe through my nose or mouth,” you most likely have something lodged in your trachea.
Sophomore tank top, Quail skirt; Ralph Lauren shirt, Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen pants, vintage belt from Screaming Mimi’s Take a look around. If others are nearby, walk to the most compassionate-looking person in your vicinity and place one or both hands around your neck. (If no one is around, turn to page 8 for instructions on how to self-administer the Heimlich maneuver.) Well-adjusted humans will recognize this as the international sign for choking. If you are approached by someone making this sign, stay calm and confirm that the potential victim is in fact choking by asking, “Are you choking?” If the individual does not respond and is not breathing, chances are he or she is suffocating and needs immediate attention. Before taking any action, scream, “Someone call 911!”
Wood Wood shirt Once you have confirmed that the person is choking, make a fist with one hand while leaving the other open. Wrap your arm with the clenched hand around the victim and press firmly against his or her abdomen; wrap the other arm around his or her body, placing the open hand over your fist. It should appear as though you are tightly hugging the victim from the back.
Wood Wood shirt; Quail dress Execute four to five quick and forceful upward thrusts with enough power to dislodge and expel the object lodged in the victim’s throat.
aNYthing shirt, Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen pants, vintage belt from Screaming Mimi’s; Won Hundred dress With any luck, the victim will eject the object and it will land up to a few feet away. Congratulations! The rescued victim is now indebted to you for the rest of his or her life.
Won Hundred dress The outcome of an unsuccessful Heimlich maneuvering. Don’t let this happen to you!
Wood Wood shirt and pants, vintage belt from Screaming Mimi’s If you find yourself choking alone, ask yourself, “Can I breathe whatsoever?” If the answer is “No, and my face is turning purple,” don’t panic. You may still be able to save yourself from certain doom.
Wood Wood shirt and pants, Spring Court shoes, vintage belt from Screaming Mimi’s Find a chair with a hard and stable backrest. Starting four to five paces away, jog toward the chair. When you are a step or two away, lunge at the chair with all of your strength and land on the backrest with your stomach while bracing your weight with your hands. If executed correctly, the offending object should be disgorged and you’ll be on your merry way after a quick freshening up.