Hey Ron! - Puff Puff I'll Pass

First of all does anybody know how 4/20 became dedicated to smoking weed? I work for Vice, so it's 4/20 every day, which is why it doesn't matter that this post is going up on 4/21. A lot of people around the world celebrate April 20th though, because weed is universal. Everyone, as far as race is concerned, smokes weed, but no one smokes it more than West Indians and Jamaicans. They can pull a dime bag out of their hair.

Personally, I’m not around enough people who get high on a regular basis to celebrate 4/20, but I used to know people who smoked weed in the morning before school—like most people have coffee, they had weed. Then they would continue to smoke all day… before a game, after a game, whatever, it was a way to celebrate. I was like, “How can you get through life?” Because if you’re smoking all day, then you have got to smoke more the next day to feel as high as the day before. It’s like that commercial, “I do more coke so I can work harder so I can work longer hours so I can buy more coke.”

It doesn’t make sense to me. These people don’t have money to buy a nice wardrobe, or a TV, or sometimes even to eat, but they always have money for weed. They’re like, “OK, everybody throw in, we’re gonna get a sack and we’re gonna smoke it until it’s gone.” I don’t really get around in that circle.

I had friends who would walk from 100th Street and Columbus Avenue to 123rd and Park or Lennox to buy weed, but they won’t walk two blocks to buy food. “Nah, that’s too far.” But that was before delivery services. I’m talking about 20 years ago.

Back when I knew people who smoked, they puffed blunts. White people don’t smoke blunts. White people use regular papers, but if you go into the hood, they’re using Phillies. A lot of people say blunts waste weed, and I suppose that’s true, but black people love wasting money. They don’t spend it on education, so they spend it on weed and designer clothes.

As far as cocaine is concerned, I’m from the projects, so I know people who can buy Bentleys in a week—but they are selling the powder. If anyone likes to go skiing, I definitely know people who can sell you beige snow.

I don’t recommend any kind of drugs to anybody. Personally, I’d rather have two naked women and a PS3. If I had to pick between having women and having weed, I’d choose women.