How to Perform Exorcisms

In the new film based on a true story, <i>Deliver Us From Evil</i>, NYPD Sergeant and demonologist, Ralph Sarchie, investigates a series of paranormal cases plaguing New York City.


In the new film based on a true story, Deliver Us From Evil, NYPD Sergeant and demonologist, Ralph Sarchie, investigates a series of paranormal cases plaguing New York City. With the help of a renegade priest named Mendoza Édgar Ramírez, the duo sets out to exorcise demons and battle unknown forces.

By definition, exorcism is the practice of driving out demons from  a possessed person, a very intensive process. In the Roman Catholic faith, a two-month course is required for priests to learn the ritual. But, what if you’re a mere layperson? Well, you will need as much knowledge as possible to rid demons from the possessed. In order to equip you with the skills you need, we have broken down the ritual in five easy steps.

1. Indentify the Symptoms

Before you get started, you need to verify that you are dealing with a possessed person.  Urinating, vomiting and undecipherable speech, don’t necessarily mean you are in the presence of a demon. Look for more dramatic signs such as speaking in tongues, levitating and inhuman strength. You should also be on the watch for items flying around the room and spontaneous fires that occur when in the presence of the devil.

2. Purchase Religious Paraphernalia

Stock up on crucifixes, rosaries and holy water.  These sacred items are vital in casting out the demon and should be placed on the head and breast of the possessed. You should also try to dress in a robe or some kind of black attire.

3.  Connect to the Holy Spirit

This part is where a strong faith will benefit you.  If you have never been religious, grab a bible and pray that a higher power will come down from the heavens and help you. You should also repent every sin you have committed, even the little things.

4. Perform The Rite

The Rite is a 5,000-word section of the Roman Ritual composed of Psalms, Gospels and prayers, used to expel demons. Essentially, you have to spend hours commanding the demon to leave the body in the name of the Holy Spirit. Try to remember to address the demon by name. The demon will try to trick you by acting and appearing as the victim. Place your hands on the possessed person and recite The Rite.

5. Rid the Devil

After several hours or days, the person should be freed. Be careful because demons are  tricky and may still be lingering. Say a few extra prayers just in case and double check that none of the material possessions in the rooms are hosting demons either.

The exorcism ritual should be left up to the professionals, but at least you can be prepared if the devil comes to your town. You can find more tips for battling demons from Ralph and Mendoza in Deliver Us From Evil.