I Was a Teenage Cryonicist

Seventeen-year-old Matthew Deutsch is planning to brain freeze himself and his dogs into eternity.

Matthew Deutsch is a teenager. He’s made plans to put his brain on ice after he dies so that he might be revived in the future. At 17, he is very likely the youngest cryonics candidate in the world.

I met the Maryland high schooler last October at the Singularity Summit at New York’s 92nd St. Y. There, he and hundreds of other expert and amateur technologists rubbed elbows with futurist luminaries like Ray Kurzweil, investor Peter Thiel, techno talker Jason Silva, and Aubrey de Grey, the biologist-philosopher who calls aging a disease. Deutsch says it was de Gray, in the documentary Do You Want to Live Forever, who inspired him to sign up with a neuro contract at Alcor Life Extension Foundation—or rather, to ask his parents to sign him up.

“I don’t remember how I first brought it up to them,” he says, “but my mom is supportive of me. She’s now an unfunded signup, like my dogs. My dad thinks it’s crazy, but he signed the contracts so I’m not bothered by it.”

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