'If Feelings Mean a Thing' by Crooks on Tape

"If Feelings Mean a Thing" hails from Crooks on Tape's debut album, <i>Fingerprint</i>. We hope the video for the song excites and perplexes you as much as it did us.

Crooks on Tape is John Schmersal's new band. You know John... He plays bass in Caribou, he used to front Enon, and before that he played guitar in the influential Dayton band Braniac. For this new project, he's joined by Joey Galvan and fellow ex-Enon member Rick Lee. Apparently these dudes got together in Los Angeles around 2010 and recorded hundreds of hours of mostly improvised instrumental material over the course of the following two years. Then they put all that shit in a musical blender, chopped it up, strained it, threw words on top, and served up Fingerprint, their nifty and synthy 2013 debut. "If Feelings Mean a Thing" hails from that album. We're super happy to premiere the video for the song, which was directed by Paul Cordes Wilm. We hope it excites and perplexes you as much as it did us. 

Crooks on Tape are launching their nationwide tour today, make sure you check them out when they come to your town.