Is Pauly Shore Trying to Troll VICE?

A couple of weeks ago, we ran <a href="http://www.vice.com/read/i-interned-for-pauly-shore-and-it-really-sucked">a piece about interning for Pauly Shore</a>. As you would expect, the article was about how Pauly is a douche and interning for him was...

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a piece by Jonathan Daniel Brown about the time he interned for Pauly Shore. As you would expect, the article was about how Pauly is a douche and interning for him was miserable. 

A couple of days after the post was published, a video called "More Disgruntled Pauly Shore Interns" was uploaded to YouTube.

The video, which I've embedded above, was uploaded with this description: "Thank God finally someone let the cat out of the bag. Pauly Shore is the worst boss and I truly think he's crazy. I am currently one of Pauly's interns. After I post this hidden camera video of Pauly (being who he truly is) that another intern and I did I'm sure we will both be let go, which will be a relief. We are sick of his abuse! Thank you so much Jonathan for letting everybody know: Pauly Shore truly is an asshole."

I've only watched the clip once, but here are the things that, immediately, suggest it's fake:

1: In Jonathan's article, he wrote about how Pauly made him go buy him a burrito and never referred to him by his name, only as "Intern." In the video, Pauly asks his intern, who he never refers to by name, only as "Intern," to go and buy him a burrito.

2: The YouTube account that uploaded the video was made a couple of days after we ran the article and has only uploaded one video.

3: Pauly, obviously, is a fucking horrible actor: "What did I ask you to do yesterday when I was out... fucking around?"

4: The kid who Pauly is yelling at is also a horrible actor: "Sorry about that merchandise—want me to go ahead and pack it...?"

5: Speaking of, couldn't he have picked a more believable thing to talk about than Pauly Shore merchandise? The existence of such merchandise would imply that there is a market for it. There is not a market for Pauly Shore merchandise. 

6. Just fucking look at it. It's definitely fake. 

I'm sure there are more red flags, but I don't have the energy to watch it again and check. 

Presumably, Pauly made it so that we would write a thing about what a terrible human being he is. I guess, for Pauly, any kind of attention is better than nothing. Like when reality stars make intentionally awful rap songs, or mothers kill their children to make people feel sorry for them. 

Well, here you go Pauly. Have some attention. Look, I just spent an entire five minutes writing about you. That's five whole minutes you spent occupying my thoughts. 

And the two interns who are in this clip, if you're reading this, what the fuck are you guys doing? Just quit. Go and do something more honorable. Like people trafficking or drug dealing or something. You are wasting your youth.