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The Trailer for 'Black Mirror' Season 4 Is Here and it's Already Messing With My Head

Six more episodes of our favorite dystopian thriller are on the way.

by Jason Koebler
Aug 25 2017, 2:08pm

Image: Netflix

After waiting three-and-a-half years between seasons two and three of Black Mirror, it feels like a utopian gift to already be seeing a trailer for season four less than a year after its bleak return to Netflix.

Charlie Brooker's show is never what it seems, and so it feels like a fool's errand to even speculate based on a 50-second trailer with no dialogue. But, taking these six new episodes at face value, it looks like Black Mirror will finally be going to space (a generation ship, maybe?) in "USS Callister," will experiment with scary-child-horror in "Arkangel," and I'm getting serious "Shut Up and Dance" vibes from "Hang the DJ" and "San Junipero" vibes from "Metalheads."

Already, my mind is running a million miles a minute, waiting to see what Brooker will do with this latest season—which still doesn't have a release date but is likely to come, you know, before the end of the decade (let's hope).

In ANY case, here's the trailer, which I'm sure will be dissected in much greater detail over the coming days and weeks. And if I know anything about this show, it's that the full episodes probably won't be anything like we're expecting.

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