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Princess Nokia Has a 'Spark Up and Spa' Day in Her New Video

“For the Night” unfolds like a beautiful, chill lesson in self care.

by Noisey UK Staff
May 4 2018, 1:50pm

Image via YouTube

Everyone has their own version of self care. Maybe it's a hot bath and face mask, followed by going to bed at 10PM with a podcast about the history of Bolognese. Maybe it's ignoring your Whatsapp for the night and not feeling guilty about it. Or “cutting” “toxic” people out your life. Or changing your name to “Reece”, moving to Guatemala for 11 years and returning with a new personality and sense of purpose. Whatever! It's your life! That's the point!

In Princess Nokia's new video for her track “For the Night” she takes a relatively classic approach to self care by sparking up, doing some swimming alone and checking out how good she looks in the mirror. There are some shots of her playing live in there, too, which look hectic compared to the chill, blue-toned atmosphere of the rest of the visual. Everyone needs some time out sometimes; those moments to yourself, to re-centre, even if it's just "for the night”, and then emerge, like Princess Nokia, as a butterfly.

Peep the video above and click here to watch a video we did with her last year about the art of doing what you want.

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