'Mindhunter' and That Creepy-Ass ADT Guy Are Coming Back for Another Season

The real question is whether we'll ever see that basement cat again.
November 30, 2017, 7:06pm

Netflix has picked up the superb crime drama Mindhunter for a second season, the streaming service announced Thursday.

The news doesn't exactly come as a surprise, since the show was met with rave reviews when it first dropped in October, and Netflix was rumored to have signed on for season two before the show even debuted. But now, Netflix has made the news official with a short video announcement on the show's official Twitter and Instagram.

"We need to talk to more subjects," the post reads, though it doesn't make any promises about when we can expect another dose of Ed Kemper. The announcement is also frustratingly void of details about the new season, but we do have some vague ideas of what's to come.

Mindhunter executive producer David Fincher told Billboard last month that the second season would center on "the Atlanta child murders," which took place between 1979 and 1981. It's also likely that we'll get more information on that mysterious ADT guy in Kansas who made periodic appearances throughout season one.

According to Vulture, he is likely real-life serial killer Dennis Rader—the "BTK Killer" named for his habit of binding, torturing, and then killing his victims. If it is Rader, he may also be the answer to Ada Jeffries's unsolved murder all the way back in the pilot episode, since she was tied up and tortured in a similar way.

Rader evaded capture all the way until the 2000s, so it's unlikely we'll see him and Holden in a room together in season two. But if Rader winds up becoming the show's season-spanning villain, his eventual arrest could be the big fifth-season ending that Fincher hinted at during an interview back in October. Plus, the guy who wrote the book Mindhunter is based on also wrote about his decade-spanning hunt for the BTK Killer, so it would make sense that Rader would be a narrative through-line for the series.

If nothing else, hopefully next season will give us an answer to Mindhunter's biggest mystery so far: Is there actually a cat in Carr's basement, or what?