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Very Bad Substitute Teacher Fired for Teaching Kids How to Heil Hitler

The superintendent at the extremely white school in Vermont is very sorry for the ex-employee's behavior.

by Opheli Garcia Lawler
Sep 22 2017, 6:30pm

Foto vía American Images Inc/Getty Images

A substitute teacher was fired in Vermont on Thursday after instructing third-grade children on the finer points of how to heil Hitler.

According to a report by Seven Days, an independent paper in the state, Franklin West Supervisory Union Superintendent Ned Kirsch sent an email to parents informing them of the strange development.

The school in question, Georgia Elementary and Middle School in Saint Albans, is relatively small—its student body clocks in at about 650—and pretty much exclusively white. On one school review site, all 17 ratings were positive.

In the email, Kirsch said students had been instructed to say "Heil Hitler" while standing with their arms out in front of them en route to the cafeteria.

"I'm at a loss on the whole thing," Kirsch said in an interview with Seven Days. "People are shocked. People I've spoken to are at a loss for words."

The substitute admitted to "muttering the words," according to Kirsch. She was promptly given the axe, which won't be a huge loss—the teacher she was subbing for was due to return to class on Monday from maternity leave anyway.

The newly unemployed sub had apparently been working at the school for years without drawing complaints. Superintendent Kirsch told parents he was sorry about the whole thing, and that a guidance counselor would be on hand Friday.

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