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Courtney Love Covered a Selena Gomez Song and Made It Punk

She performed an extremely cool version of "Hands to Myself" at a GLAAD Spirit Day event.

by Lauren O'Neill
Oct 24 2017, 4:30pm

Something I love is when two separate worlds come together to create something beautiful—like the time Prince was on New Girl, or when Harry Styles brought Stevie Nicks up on stage. Stuff that shouldn't work, but does. I like that stuff.

So of course, I greatly enjoy the footage that has emerged online of Courtney Love performing Selena Gomez's "Hands to Myself" at a GLAAD event in Los Angeles a few days ago. Joining Justin Tranter, who co-wrote the song (which, even without the addition of Love, objectively slaps) onstage, Love channelled its longing side, weighing vocal lines that Gomez made breathy and sweet down with her signature growl. It is, of course, excellent stuff, and highlights Courtney Love's ability to make her mark on anything, as all great front-persons can. Cool how Selena Gomez is punk rock now, right?

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