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Trump declares opioid crisis a health emergency, Kenya's disputed election draws low turnout, defense secretary vows to avoid war with North Korea, and more.
October 27, 2017, 2:55pm
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US News

Trump Declares Opioid Crisis a Health Emergency
After directing the federal government to declare opioid deaths and addiction a public health emergency, the president said there would be a "massive advertising campaign" to help teach young people "not to take drugs, just not to take them." Although Trump also suggested more treatment was necessary, his declaration frees up just $57,000 from the health department's weak emergency fund.—VICE News

Almost 3,000 JFK Assassination Files Released
The National Archives have published 2,891 files related in some way to the killing of President John F. Kennedy. Still, some were disappointed President Trump agreed to keep hundreds more documents under wraps pending security reviews by federal agencies. One J. Edgar Hoover memo from November 24, 1963, revealed that the FBI's Dallas office was warned Lee Harvey Oswald might be targeted while in custody.—NBC News/NPR News

Defense Secretary Vows to Avoid War with North Korea
Speaking on a visit to South Korea, James Mattis insisted the US is committed to a "diplomatic solution" to the standoff with North Korea over its nuclear development. The defense secretary told a gathering of US and South Korea troops: "You just keep working together… and we'll buy time for our diplomats to solve this problem, OK?"—CNN

Women Rescued by Navy After Months at Sea
The US Navy located a boat, two sailors, and their dogs about 900 miles off the coast of Japan after the vessel disappeared in the Pacific this past May. Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba had attempted to sail from their home in Hawaii to Tahiti, but their engine broke down shortly after they set off.—The Washington Post

International News

North Korea to Release South Korean Fishing Boat Crew
State media in Pyongyang said the ten men aboard a fishing vessel that disappeared last weekend were released Friday. The KCNA agency said "the crewmen honestly admitted their offense, repeatedly apologizing and asking for leniency." The group was made up of three Vietnamese citizens and seven South Koreans.—Reuters

Australian Lawmakers Booted from Parliament
Australia's High Court ruled Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and four senators were wrongly elected because they held joint citizenship with another country. The constitution forbids the election of anyone with dual citizenship. Joyce said he would "respect the verdict" and stand down to fight for reelection, having already renounced his citizenship with New Zealand.—VICE News

Spanish Lawmakers Vote on Direct Rule of Catalonia
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has urged members of Spain's Senate to formally endorse measures to strip powers from the Catalan regional government, which promptly responded by declaring independence. Rajoy said the Catalan people required "protecting" from "a minority who, in an intolerant way, declare themselves the owners of Catalonia."—VICE News

Kenya's Election Draws Low Turnout
Only around 34.5 percent of Kenyans voted in Thursday's disputed presidential election, according to the chairman of the electoral commission. The day was marred by clashes between police and opposition protesters boycotting the vote. According to officials, five people have been killed by police in western Kenya, where the opposition is more formidable, since the polls opened.—Reuters

Everything Else

Twitter Bans Russian News Agencies from Advertising
The company said Russia Today and Sputnik would no longer be allowed to place ads, claiming both played roles in US election meddling at the behest of the Kremlin. Russia Today rejected the accusation as "groundless and greatly misleading."—The Guardian

Frank Ocean to Award Rick Rubin 'Genius' Prize
The singer will bestow the music producer with the "Legendary Genius Award" at a new Spotify event in Los Angeles November 1. The streaming service is launching its own "Secret Genius Awards" for songwriting and production.—Pitchfork

Mark Halperin Book Dropped Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations
Penguin Press said it would not publish a book the powerful political journalist was co-authoring on the 2016 election after at least five women levied sexual harassment allegations against him. HBO is also nixing a TV movie based on the book.—Politico

'Stranger Things' Gets an Official Recap Show
Netflix has announced that a new aftershow will accompany season two of the popular series, which drops Friday. Beyond Stranger Things recap discussions will be hosted by Jim Rash from Community.—VICE

Drake's 'More Life' Won't Be Up for Any Grammys, Report Says
The star has apparently chosen not to put forward the album for consideration at next year's Grammys, nor any individual tracks from it. Drake has previously expressed irritation over winning Best Rap Song for "Hotline Bling," insisting it wasn't a rap track.—Noisey

Fake Drug Ad Apparently Promo for New Eminem Album
Marketing for a new album from the Detroit rapper may have begun with a fake ad for a drug called Revival. A video on the mock medication's website warns of side effects, including "mild to disfiguring acne" and a "highly combustible head."—i-D

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