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Big Shaq Is Back With "Man Don't Dance," Skrrat-Skidi-Kat-Kat Boom

The grime MC's first single since last year's "Man's Not Hot" goes skiddy-ah-pa, koo-tu-koo-poom, skiddy-ki, a-toom-toom-skrrrrrahh.

by Alex Robert Ross
May 17 2018, 9:11pm

Big Shaq, London-based comedian Michael Dapaah's grime-spitting alter-ego, has returned. "Man Don't Dance" is his first single since last October's unlikely breakout hit "Man's Not Hot." This time around, Shaq's asking for breakfast, missing busses, traveling to Dubai, finding love, and refusing to dance. Skiddy-ah-pa, koo-tu-koo-poom, skiddy-ki, a-toom-toom-skrrrrrahh. Skidiki-pap-pap. Two fingers, pap-pap.

It out on Republic Records, the same label that gave "Man's Not Hot" an official release and a celebrity-featuring video last year. Big Shaq is sharing a roster with Ariana Grande, Black Sabbath, and John Mellencamp.

Listen to "Man Don't Dance" below.

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