“Volcano of Fire” erupts in Guatemala, killing at least 62 people

The official death toll has reached 62, but many are still unaccounted for.

by Dan Ming
Jun 4 2018, 9:17pm

Guatemala experienced its deadliest volcanic eruption in more than a century on Sunday, sending thousands fleeing and killing at least 62 people.

At least 3,000 residents were evacuated after the Fuego volcano, Spanish for “fire,” started spewing hot ash and lava.

The volcano lies less than 30 miles from the capital of Guatemala City, where authorities closed the country’s main airport until Monday morning.

Experts say one of the reasons the eruption was so deadly is the “pyroclastic flow” released by the volcano. The term refers to the fast-moving avalanche of gas, rock, and ash that was seen racing down the mountainside in Guatemala.

Rescue efforts resumed on Monday but were halted after a new eruption in the morning.