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Power Trip's "Hornet's Nest" Is Proof They Can't Be Fucked With

The Texas thrash boys release a new walloper of a single via Adult Swim.

by Phil Witmer
Jun 6 2018, 5:25pm

Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns

Power Trip have made the consistent delivery of their old-school crossover thrash aggression an art, as evidenced by last year's masterful Nightmare Logic. The Texas quintet, quintessential southerners, have served up a second helping of the good stuff via a new single entitled "Hornet's Nest," released via Adult Swim's also consistent Singles Program.

The message of the song is simple: don't fuck with Power Trip. It also could be about American touchiness and trigger-happiness being over-the-top and harmful for the world. The song doesn't let up at any point, even well after a normal human's face and ears would be mush. It fucking rules and you can listen to "Hornet's Nest" below. Check out Power Trip's upcoming world tour dates, too.

June 7: Austin, TX - The Mohawk
July 28-29: Montreal QB - Heavy Montreal
September 6-8: Cave-In-Rock, IL - Full Terror Assault
September 8: Jersey City, NJ - Back to School Jam 2018 @ White Eagle Hall
September 15: Tokyo, JP - Earthdom
September 16: Nagoya, JP - Huck Finn
September 17: Osaka, JP - Conpass
September 18: Tokyo, JP - Fever
September 21: Brisbane, QLD - Crowbar
September 22: Sydney, NSW - Bald Faced Stag
September 23: Canberra, ACT - Basement
September 26: Perth, WA - Amplifier Bar
September 27: Adelaide, SA - Enigma Bar
September 28: Collingwood, VIC - Bendigo Hotel
September 29: Collingwood, VIC - Bendigo Hotel

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