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You May as Well Watch Charlie Sheen in Lil Pump's "Drug Addicts" Video

At least part of it.

by Alex Robert Ross
Jul 6 2018, 9:53am

Pete Davidson does a pretty good Lil Pump impression, but a million SNL writers typing on a million MacBooks for a million years could never have written the script for the 17-year-old SoundCloud rapper's newest video. "Drug Addicts" features Pump rolling around a psychiatric ward with Charlie Sheen and a bunch of scantily-clad nurses, dishing out pills to the patients. Sheen spends the whole time looking as though he was dragged in off the street to play the role, mostly just staring at his much younger co-star and trying to bounce off of his cues. The song is second-rate at best, the premise is only really funny for 45 seconds or so, and I'm not totally sure that the middle school kids who lionize Pump were even sentient when Sheen went off the rails a few years back. But you may as well watch a little of it at the top of the page before going back and listening to the batch of great new music we've already had this morning.

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It was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, and you can

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