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MUNCHIES Guide to Norway: Dining in Snowy Heights

The 'fjell,' or 'the mountain,' is an integral part of Norwegian culture. Especially when it comes to food. Halaigh meets up with Randi Skaug, a veteran mountaineer, and together they hike Preikestolen, or 'Pulpit Rock.'

by Munchies Staff
Sep 18 2017, 5:00pm

Before our two intrepid travelers encounter terrifying weather that sees them clinging to the side of the mountain, they enjoy a lunch of traditional “fjell food," including boiled beets and more reindeer heart. The snowy landscape continues in Trondheim, where Halaigh attends the World Cup ski jump competition and feasts on waffles, alongside ski jump superstars and the future king of Norway. Back in Stavanger, Halaigh gets to indulge in one of his food passions, sardines, when a local expert treats him to racks and racks of the little golden jewels.