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We Admire This Girl's Next-Level Commitment to Bubble Tea

Commit to something for once in your life—even if it's dressing up as a giant cup of boba.

by Bettina Makalintal
Apr 10 2019, 5:13pm

Photo Courtesy Em Zuñiga 

We’ve seen a lot of fast food-themed graduation photos: Every few years, some kid poses at Taco Bell or McDonald’s or Whataburger and reaps the slight bump in internet clout that ensues, so many that it’s almost like, yes, again?

While it’s probably more parent-approved to pose in a suit at a fast food spot than to be framed on the mantle dressed as, say, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, where’s the commitment there? That’s why we have mad respect for this student from the Philippines: For her graduation photos, she went all in and dressed like an actual damn bubble tea. We stan a boba-loving queen.

As Coconuts Manila reported, Em Zuñiga is a recent graduate from Saint Pedro Poveda College in the Philippines, and she dedicated her graduation photos to her favorite drink: boba milk tea. In it, she’s dressed as a tan milk tea, with a big purple straw poking out of her head—an outfit that she told MUNCHIES she designed from scratch.

“I thought of dressing up as a milk tea or bubble tea because I am a huge huuuuge fan of milk tea since I was in HS,” Zuñiga told MUNCHIES in a Facebook message. “Different milk tea places became our favorite meeting place slash tambayan (hang-out spot) as well.”

Judging by another post of Zuñiga’s, she took a more classic graduation photo dressed in a robe, too, but the internet is clearly loving her boba photo a little more: since she posted the photo on Facebook about two weeks ago, it has gotten almost 10,000 likes and over 4,600 shares. Your cheesy photo holding a fake rose could never.