Giroud Just Scored a Goal That's Somehow More Handsome Than Him

Me oh my oh. Has may have topped the scorpion kick goal from earlier this year.

Jun 9 2017, 8:05pm

France is playing Sweden in the first round of World Cup Qualifiers today, and Olivier Giroud showed up to make things pretty. Despite Giroud riding the bench lately for Arsenal, he prominently started for Country today, and paid back in dividends. Just drink in this gorgeous volley after a clean first touch:

Lofted, slapped, and curled—you could almost use the same descriptors for Giroud's regal, regal coiffe. Keep playing, handsomepants.

UPDATE (4:54pm EST)

It turns out that not all the handsomeness in the world could have stopped this from happening. Because what the hell was French keeper and captain Hugo Lloris thinking?

Sweden just devastated France after Lloris went deep, deep off his line. Not the time to get cocky, what with only nine seconds left in a match. That's nine seconds with which you can punish people handily.