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Happy 2 Chainz Album Day from A Year of Lil Wayne

In the same spirit in which Chainz venerates Wayne, let us ourselves as Lil Wayne fans venerate Chainz.

by Kyle Kramer
Jun 16 2017, 7:14pm

Day 269: "Rich as Fuck" feat. 2 Chainz – I Am Not a Human Being 2, 2013

Today is a national holiday, for it is upon this day that the artist formerly known as Tity Boi has shared with the world his latest masterpiece, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. 2 Chainz is one of our greatest living rappers. He is a national treasure. But it wasn't always this way. People didn't always believe in 2 Chainz. Before 2 Chainz was in the running for the title of Best Rapper Alive, he was a journeyman artist in Atlanta, the kind of guy who might have ended up as a colorful character in the city's rap history rather than one of the central figures.

One person who believed in Tity Boi, though, was Lil Wayne, who helped the rapper land the biggest hit of his career to date with Playaz Circle's "Duffle Bag Boy" in 2007. Since then—a decade ago!—the two have remained friends and collaborators, and the catalog of just their tracks together in that time period would put most artists to shame. They are also mutual fans, and in the first four songs of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz shouts out his friend no fewer than four times. He quips "I booked studio with the trap money / Lil Wayne used to come get the bags from me" on opener "Saturday Night." He talks about "bumpin' that Weezy hard" on "Good Drank." And on "4AM" he both mentions listening to Tha Carter and points out that he's in a rap group with the "best rapper that's alive."

So in the same spirit in which Chainz venerates Wayne let us ourselves as Lil Wayne fans venerate Chainz by bumping the shit out of one of the duo's biggest collaborations, "Rich as Fuck," a song that will go off in any public setting, largely thanks to 2 Chainz's immaculate hook. While there's no denying that Wayne got off a memorable line with "all rats gotta die even Master Splinter," he also said "RIP / rest in pussy," while 2 Chainz invented one of the most memorable rap catchphrases in recent history. All hail 2 Chainz, who remains undefeated.

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