We Enjoyed a Hearty Helping of Long Weekend Gaming

On Waypoint Radio 205, we talk about 'Darksiders III,' 'The Missing,' 'Hitman 2,' and... froggy detectives.

Nov 27 2018, 12:27am

Darksiders III image courtesy THQ Nordic

It was a long weekend in the US, so the Waypoint Crew has come back with plenty of games to chew on. Patrick has the less-than-thrilling Darksiders III, FromSoft's new VR game Déraciné, and Swery's queer-themed platformer The Missing to discuss, as does Austin. Austin finally beat Battletech, but he's certainly not done with the game. And Danielle has a delightful Frog Detective game and some hands-on time in Hitman 2 to bring to the table.

Plus, there's a lot of chatter regarding "sticky" games and smooth ones you won't want to miss, unless you're about to hit your lunch break.

Discussed: Darksiders III, Déraciné, The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game, Battletech, The Missing, Hitman 2, Golf Peaks.

The podcast contains a CW: Discussion of Self Harm, Homophobia, and Transphobia during discussion of "The Missing" at 57-58 minutes in, to around 1:18:00 (time varies with ads, When you hear Patrick start talking about staying home instead of going out bowling you can skip 22 minutes and will skip this entire section).

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